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User Instructions

BMW ConnectedDriveUser Instructions


Operating instructions and explanatory videos on using the BMW ConnectedDrive services.

What’s available and how does it work? We introduce you to the most important services & apps and systems and show you in few steps all that you need to know in order to use the services.

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  • BMW Connected & Connected+

    BMW Connected is your personal mobility assistant which facilitates everyday mobility and assists you in reaching your destinations relaxed and on time. Mobility-relevant information such as recommendations for optimal departure times are available remotely iPhone®,Apple Watch®, Android Smartphone and Samsung Gear S2/3 and can be seamlessly transferred into the car.

    BMW Connected+ integrates the BMW Connected app more deeply in your daily journey within your BMW. Enjoy a more seamless experience between all BMW Connected touchpoints and your BMW and benefit from personalized services powered by BMW’s Open Mobility Cloud.

  • Registration in the customer portal

    Just a few steps is all it takes. This is where you can find out how to register in the My BMW ConnectedDrive customer portal.

  • BMW ConnectedDrive Store & customer portal

    Whether you are looking for Online Entertainment, the practical Concierge Services or all BMW Apps ready applications – you will now find the full range of our Digital Services online in the BMW ConnectedDrive Store in the customer portal “My BMW ConnectedDrive”.

  • ConnectedDrive Services

    ConnectedDrive Services forms the basis for using the personalised digital mobility assistant BMW Connected in the vehicle as well as the intelligent BMW ConnectedDrive functions with a wide range of information, entertainment and service features. In addition, selected smartphone apps such as BMW Connected can be used in the vehicle and the BMW ConnectedDrive Store can be accessed.

  • BMW Apps

    Load selected apps such as BMW Connected onto your smartphone or tablet and use the applications on your devices or directly in your BMW.

  • BMW Routes

    BMW Routes is an interactive route planner allowing you to easily transfer routes recommended by BMW or your own suggestions to your vehicle and then retrieve them in the navigation system

  • Google Maps™ Route/Send to Car

    Planning your journey with Google MapsTM? Then simply send your destination directly from Google MapsTM to your BMW, where it can be entered into the navigation system for route guidance. In this way, you can fully concentrate on driving while you’re on the road.

  • Preparation for Apple CarPlay®

    Apple CarPlay® preparation supports the wireless use of selected iPhone® functions via the vehicle's user interface.

  • Real Time Traffic Information

    Real Time Traffic Information almost instantly delivers traffic information about motorways, country roads and main roads, as well as numerous urban routes.

  • Concierge Services

    Whether you need an ATM or an on-duty pharmacist: a BMW Call Centre agent is there to support you around the clock, whenever required.

  • Intelligent Emergency Call

    If an accident sets off the airbags or belt tensioners, the Intelligent Emergency Call is activated automatically according to locally available mobile services. The emergency call can also be triggered via the SOS button in the vehicle if, for example, you need to assist other road users.

  • Remote Services

    Remote Services enables customers to use a smartphone to locate where the car is parked, to lock and unlock the car remotely, and much more.

  • Online Entertainment

    The right song for every situation, every road and every mood: with BMW Online Entertainment you have unlimited access to over 30 million songs.

  • BMW Teleservices

    Extremely practical: BMW Teleservices books your BMW in for a service, for example, and connects you easily and quickly with BMW Mobile Care.

  • WiFi hotspot

    The equipment includes a built-in WiFi hotspot using the LTE standard, which allows for a paid internet connection.



  • BMW i Remote App

    Range display, battery and charging level, service messages or vehicle location: the BMW i Remote App supplies you with detailed information on the current status of your BMW i at all times.  

  • BMW i Remote App for Samsung Gear S

    The innovative refinement of the BMW i Remote App for the Samsung Gear S means that as from now you are no longer connected with your BMW i via your smartphone but also via your Smartwatch.

  • BMW i Navigation

    The quick and economical way: the connected BMW i Navigation guides you along the most efficient route to your destination.


  • Steering and lane control assistant incl. Traffic jam assistant

    The Steering and lane control assistant including Traffic jam assistant can be activated to support the driver in monotonous traffic situations. At speeds of up to 210 km/h on all road surfaces, the system conveniently supports steering and keeps the vehicle in the centre of its lane. Steering support is possible with or without Active cruise control.

  • Active cruise control with Stop&Go function

    Active cruise control with Stop&Go function and Approach control warning with braking function reacts to stationary vehicles, independently maintains a preselected distance from the vehicle ahead and automatically controls speed down to standstill, automatically accelerating again as soon as traffic flow allows it.
    The scope of functions may vary according to the BMW model.

  • Lane keeping assistant

    When not using automatic driving mode, the driver is supported by the Lane keeping assistant with active side collision protection, which actively intervenes in steering to avoid leaving the lane unintentionally, or colliding with objects to the side of the vehicle. If Approach control warning is activated and a vehicle in front brakes, the BMW reacts immediately with warnings of increasing intensity, light braking and finally full braking.

  • Lane Departure Warning

    At speeds of over 70 km/h, Lane Departure Warning recognises lane markings and draws the driver's attention to an unintentional lane change by means of vibrations in the steering wheel. If vehicles enter the driver's blind spot, Lane Change Warning issues a warning with a vibration in the steering wheel and a blinking warning symbol on the exterior mirror.

  • Lane Change Warning

    When another vehicle is approaching at high speed from behind or is in your blind spot, the Lane Change Warning helps you to appraise the situation correctly by issuing optical signals.

  • BMW Head-Up Display

    The full-colour BMW Head-Up Display projects all information relevant to the journey directly into the driver's field of vision, thereby allowing them to fully concentrate on driving. Information such as the current speed, navigation directions, Speed Limit Info including no-overtaking indicator, along with telephone and entertainment lists are displayed.
    The contents displayed depend on the respective equipment.

  • Dazzle-free High-Beam Assist

    Travelling at night becomes much more relaxed. This is because when the High-Beam Assist detects any vehicles ahead and oncoming traffic, it automatically dips the headlights and allows you to benefit from an especially effective continuous full beam.

  • Speed Limit Info

    Speed Limit Info incl. no-overtaking indicator shows you whether any speed restrictions apply or whether overtaking is currently prohibited.
    The contents displayed depend on the respective equipment.

  • Parking assistant

    The Parking assistant including linear guidance parks the vehicle completely automatically, parallel or perpendicular to the street. The system works by measuring potential spaces while driving past them at a low speed. If the driver parks manually without the help of the Parking assistant, Active Park Distance Control (PDC) offers additional protection against damage with the Lateral parking aid.

    The contents displayed depend on the respective equipment.

  • ParkNow

    In combination with a BMW Navigation system Professional, the online parking service ParkNow makes it easier for the driver to find a free parking space. The service shows open parking spaces in car parks, multistorey car parks and on the street. A spot in a car park can be reserved from within the vehicle and paid for via the ParkNow account.

  • Remote Control Parking

    The Remote Control Parking function allows the driver to conveniently hop out of the vehicle before parking it via remote control by moving it forward into, or reversing out of, a tight parking space or garage. The driver activates the remote-controlled parking function from outside the vehicle via the BMW display key.

  • Surround View

    Surround View includes the camera-based functions Rear view camera, Top View, Panorama View and 3D View. The cameras in the exterior mirrors as well as at the front and rear of the vehicle allow for a 360° all-around view. The Panorama View makes approaching intersections and exiting driveways safer. It shows the traffic to the right and left of the car on the Control Display.

  • Rear view camera

    The Rear view camera enables improved orientation when reversing at speeds below 15 km/h, for example when parking. It shows the area behind the car on the Control Display. Interactive track lines for measuring distance and turning circles assist the driver when manoeuvring, obstacles are marked in colour.

  • BMW Selective Beam

    Travelling at night becomes much more relaxed. This is because when BMW Selective Beam detects any vehicles ahead and oncoming traffic, the high-beam assistant automatically dips the headlights and allows you to benefit from an especially effective continuous full beam.

  • Navigation system Professional

    The Navigation system Professional offers drivers a design implemented completely in 3D combined with an innovative interface concept and numerous functions for navigation, office and multimedia. In its latest generation the Navigation System Professional in connection with BMW ConnectedDrive even carries out automatic updates of the navigation maps.

  • Navigation system Professional incl. Touch Display

    The latest generation of the Navigation system Professional incl. 10.25" LCD colour display and radio BMW Professional with DVD drive comes with more than 20 GB of memory e.g. for audio files. It is operated intuitively via the iDrive Touch Controller and seven functional bookmarks or alternatively via the Touch Display.

  • BMW Gesture Control

    With BMW Gesture Control, certain functions can be operated by means of defined hand movements. For certain operations the system will for example recognise gestures such as 'swiping' or 'pointing' for accepting or rejecting an incoming call, or circular motions of the index finger to adjust volume.