BMW Drive Recorder

BMW Drive Recorder

You get the picture: With the BMW Drive Recorder you can film beautiful landscapes as well as dangerous or critical driving situations in road traffic.
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Automatically or manual activation – the BMW Drive Recorder films your surroundings for up to 40 seconds. This allows you to document dangerous driving situations in road traffic. With the BMW Drive Recorder, you can also collect wonderful memories of beautiful routes at the press of a button. Four integrated cameras mean that it is easy to shoot videos.

  • Up to 40 seconds of video footage of your surroundings.
  • Automatic activation is triggered in the event of an accident.
  • Videos can also be saved manually at the press of a button.

The features described here may not be fully supported in all markets. May only be available with additional optional equipment. Availability of BMW ConnectedDrive Services are dependent on vehicle specification, optional equipment and production date. Please consult your local BMW Retailer for more information if required.




Occasionally, dangerous situations or accidents occur on the road. Thanks to BMW Drive Recorder you can see exactly what happened around your vehicle, together with the date, the precise time, the speed you were travelling and the GPS position.

If your BMW detects that an accident is taking place, it will automatically store a video clip via the cameras located to the front, rear and sided of your vehicle. To obtain a complete picture of the incident, your BMW Drive Recorder records the preceding seconds before the vehicle comes to a standstill, so that you don’t miss a thing.

But you can also capture the highlights of your journey with the BMW Drive Recorder. At the press of a button, you can record and store events that take place on the road. And, it is just as easy to watch, export or delete a video as it is to film.

After purchase in the ConnectedDrive Store, the function is automatically loaded in your vehicle and available shortly after.

Once it has been enabled, you will find a detailed description of the function in your vehicle’s integrated operating manual.

Please note: You will not have the right to cancel the download purchase once download has begun and will not be entitled to a refund. By accepting the terms and conditions of service for the download purchase you acknowledge that your right of cancellation and refund are lost. Your other statutory rights are not affected.

In the event of an impact or crash , automated recordings will be triggered upon deployment of airbags. In certain instances, where set criteria are met, automated recordings may trigger at lower thresholds without airbag deployment.




You will need the ConnectedDrive Store to install the BMW Drive Recorder. The availability of this feature depends on the hardware installed in the vehicle.

How to check whether the BMW Drive Recorder is available for your vehicle:

  • Method 1: Select "Check availability" at the top of this page and then enter your vehicle identification number. If this service is not available, you do not have the necessary hardware installed in your vehicle.
  • Method 2: Log in using your registered vehicle and browse to this service. You will then automatically see at the top of the page whether this service is available for your vehicle. If this service is not available, you do not have the necessary hardware installed in your vehicle.