On this page you will find detailed information on the requirements and availability of the BMW ConnectedDrive services.


Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft, Petuelring 130, 80788 München, headquartered in Munich and registered in the Commercial Register at the local of court of Munich under HRB 42243 (hereinafter referred to as “BMW”) provides the customer with certain vehicle-related information and assistance functions (hereinafter called “services”) under the name of BMW ConnectedDrive. BMW does not capture, store or process any customer data for the services listed here – except where this is explicitly stated in the description following each of the individual services. In the case of services that require personal data to be captured, stored and processed so that such services can actually be provided, customers are informed of this in advance and are requested to provide their consent. The services are provided by means of a SIM card installed in the vehicle. Charges for the speech and data connections are included in the price for the services. BMW captures, stores and processes vehicle-related data within the framework of the legal provisions to the extent that this is necessary for the content design and use of the services.


• prerequisites for using BMW ConnectedDrive Digital Services are the basic features ConnectedDrive Services (6AK) and Intelligent Emergency Call (6AC)
• if you have booked one of these basic features, you can additionally book the services from BMW ConnectedDrive Digital Services (Real Time Traffic Information, Concierge Services, Remote Services, Online Entertainment, Internet) as an extra option
• one part of these basic features is the special equipment option BMW Teleservices (6AE) including a permanently installed SIM card. The special equipment option is supplied automatically on booking the features ConnectedDrive Services (6AK) or Intelligent Emergency Call (6AC)


• the special equipment option is the central unit to allow the further booking of individual services from BMW ConnectedDrive Digital Services
• use of the service calls for identification of the vehicle and processing of the required information – data are subsequently deleted
• enquiries are transferred as necessary (as part of point of interest query) to service providers – data are subsequently deleted and are not forwarded to third parties


• prerequisite for the further booking of individual services from BMW ConnectedDrive Digital Services
• data for identifying and localising the vehicle as well as information relevant for rescue purposes are sent to the emergency call control centre
• any enquiries that may occur as well as any necessary data are transmitted to the service provider – they are used for rendering the service and not forwarded to third parties


• basis for the BMW Teleservices (6AE) special equipment option is a permanently installed SIM card in the vehicle. The special equipment option is supplied automatically on booking the features ConnectedDrive Services (6AK) or Intelligent Emergency Call (6AC)
• this service is used to maintain the customer’s mobility
• when service is needed or ordered by the customer, the service-related technical data (e.g. service information, vehicle status information, etc.) are sent to BMW
• when service is needed no personal information is transferred
• regular transfer of technical data to BMW for development purposes in the form of a BMW Teleservice Report – purely technical, no personal information. The function BMW Teleservice Report isn't constantly activated. The system is a demand-driven service that sends technical data from individual vehicles to BMW at regular (time or kilometre-based) intervals. This technical, vehicle-specific data (e.g. the status of the coolant thermostat) is useful for the further development of our vehicles
• examination of the battery charge status by BMW Teleservice Battery Guard; if the charge falls alarmingly because the parking lights were left on, the customer receives a notification by text message or email (according to registration / personal settings on the ConnectedDrive website).  


• requirement for using the Real Time traffic Information (6AM) service: ConnectedDrive Services (6AK) and/or Intelligent Emergency Call (6AC)
• required traffic information is determined by Floating Car Data, for which every BMW with ConnectedDrive capability is representing a mobile traffic sensor or Floating Car
• individual positioning and sensor data – completely anonymised – are sent to BMW and a service provider with details of the current time


  • Requirement for using the Remote Services (6AP) service: ConnectedDrive Services (6AK) and/or Intelligent Emergency Call (6AC).
  • Requirement: registration in the My BMW ConnectedDrive customer portal.
  • The vehicle can, for example, be locked and unlocked via the BMW Call Centre or BMW Connected (gratis smartphone app).
  • BMW Connected is available gratis on the App Store® or on Google Play™.
  • With iOS or Android the Remote Services are merged in Remote Features within BMW Connected.
  • Other Remote Services functions: localisation of the vehicle by flashing the lights/sounding the horn, temperature control inside the vehicle, sending POIs (Points of Interest) to the vehicle.


• requirement for using the Concierge Services (6AN) service: ConnectedDrive Services (6AK) and/or Intelligent Emergency Call (6AC)
• connection required to the BMW Call Centre at the press of a button via integrated telephone unit
• transmission of data to the service provider as required in order to identify and localise the vehicle as well as the current route – data are only stored until processing is complete; they are subsequently deleted and not forwarded to third parties


The BMW ConnectedDrive hotline is available