The terms and conditions of the BMW warranty detailed below must be adhered to. Failure to do so may result in the rejection of a claim or the termination of the warranty.


  • Failure to comply with the service schedule recommended by BMW Automotive Ireland may invalidate the warranty. An Authorised BMW Centre or BMW Service Authorised Workshop using only genuine BMW Parts must carry out all service and warranty work. The BMW Service Booklet should also be stamped, dated and detailed with the correct mileage at the time of service by the servicing BMW Centre.

  • The Warranty may be invalidated if the vehicle continues to be driven when a fault is apparent. Please refer to the warranty handbook.

  • Reasonable diagnostic charges associated with covered parts only will be accepted as part of a warranty claim.

  • BMW Automotive Ireland reserves the right to inspect any vehicle and also examine damaged parts.

  • No cash alternative or refund is available if you do not wish to receive or wish to cancel this warranty. You may transfer any unexpired period of warranty to another private owner but not to a buyer engaged in the business of purchasing, selling or servicing of vehicles.


a) Damage or loss which can be claimed under any other warranty or insurance

b) Repair or replacement required due to a gradual reduction in the operating performance of a covered part, commensurate with its age or mileage. (Please refer to Wear and Tear Exclusions)

c) Repair or replacement wholly or partially due to a lack of maintenance, abuse or neglect or as a result of an accident

d) Pre-existing faults

e) Liability for death, bodily injury or damage to property or any consequential loss of damage whether arising directly or indirectly from an accident affecting a part covered by this warranty

f) A vehicle that has been subject to alterations, has had experimental equipment fitted or has in any way been modified from BMW’s approved specification

g) A vehicle used for courier or private hire services, competitions or racing of any kind

  • The quality of the warranty repair will be the responsibility of the repairing BMW Centre.
  • The maximum aggregate claims liability covered by BMW AUC warranty is limited to the purchase price paid for the vehicle, inclusive of VAT.

GEOGRAPHICAL LIMITS: United Kingdom, Ireland and Continental Europe.

a) United Kingdom is defined as:  England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands and Isle of Man.

b) Continental Europe is defined as: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark (excluding Faeroe Islands), Estonia, Finland (excluding Aland), France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain (including Balearic Islands but excluding Canary Islands), Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey.


a) Any repair carried out in Continental Europe (as defined) can be authorised by the Warranty Holder as long as the following is accepted:

b) An Authorised BMW Centre or BMW Service Authorised Workshop must carry out the repair required.

c) The customer must retain all invoices and any parts replaced, where possible.

d) Upon returning to Ireland, the customer must contact their local Authorised BMW Centre or BMW Service Authorised Workshop and provide their Warranty Reference Number before the Centre concerned can process a sublet 3, warranty claim on their behalf.

e) Monies for valid claims are to be paid in euro at the rate of exchange for the relevant currency at the time of failure.

  • If the vehicle is registered to a VAT registered company or individual, any VAT content of a valid claim will be the responsibility of that company or individual.
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