Craftsmanship, materials, design – combining to create a reflection of yourself.

A perfect blend of inspiration and creative freedom. That is the BMW Individual Collection. A multitude of equipment options makes it easy for you to create your own individual BMW. You can select perfectly matched BMW Individual equipment options from the moment you configure your vehicle. What follows, however, is even more exclusive. From the selection of the materials and the style of craftsmanship applied to them to design elements like colours and shape, every equipment item undergoes numerous process steps. All with one aim in mind: to combine perfect details into a BMW that perfectly reflects your character.

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Explaining one’s own, personal taste is difficult. Showing it, on the other hand, is easy. With this in mind, BMW Individual took inspiration from the colouring of precious stones to design a multitude of extraordinary paint finishes, each of which complements the character of the respective model.
BMW Individual paint finishes are also the benchmark in terms of depth and brilliance: their luminosity changes depending on the angle of incident light. Some finishes intrigue with their unique iridescent effects. Others – such as the matt finishes – have a silky sheen which makes them stand out from the rest. The secret is a special pigmentation within the multi-layered application process. The matt finishes benefit from a perfectly matched clear coat which creates a distinctive look. The result is a visible statement of your very own personal style.


Tanzanite Blue metallic

This exterior colour excels with its clear, dark blue pigments which shimmer in turquoise under the surface when struck by the light.
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Pure metal Silver

Two paint coats as well as fine aluminium nanoparticles create a deep lustre that makes the surface appear like liquid metal.
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Champagne Quartz metallic

Fine, highly reflective pigments under the champagne-coloured surface change from brown gold to blue violet, emphasising the car’s contours.
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Almandine Brown metallic

This deep dark brown perfectly highlights the vehicle's unmistakable form. It contains pigments that create multicoloured reflections in direct light, producing a striking sense of depth and a touch of luxury.
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Pyrite Brown metallic

Fine silver-gold pigments shimmer underneath the paint surface, creating an interplay of light and shadow when struck by the light.
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Frozen Dark Blue metallic

This matt paint finish has a special aura. With its matt, deep blue surface, it enhances the lines of the car’s body to perfection.
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Smoky Topaz metallic

The surface shimmers like a prism, in a colour spectrum ranging from Ruby Red to Grey and Black.
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Moonstone metallic

Multi-coloured pigments lend the surface three-dimensional depth, with colour effects ranging from blue-grey to golden yellow.
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Ruby Black metallic

Innumerable pigments reflect the light, creating an intense sheen with a deep glow ranging from dark red to aubergine.
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Our senses enable us to appreciate quality and aesthetics. Our eyes register every nuanced colour hue. Our nose appreciates the smell of the finest leather. Our hands explore surfaces and textures.
BMW Individual pays homage to these abilities by placing the highest level of emphasis on the craftsmanship employed in producing the Merino leather. This begins with the selection and cutting of the original leather: only hides from special breeds of cattle, free from scarring and other blemishes, will find their way into the BMW Individual workshops. A special vat immersion process is used to tan the leather, which, as a result, does not require any elaborate surface treatment after tanning. The leather remains natural, breathable and supremely comfortable.
Precise stitching, decorative perforations and piping applied by hand provide artistic contrasts and exciting accents. It is this uncompromising perfection which turns BMW Individual Merino leather into an experience for all the senses.


Fine-grain Merino leather Opal White

Filigree piping and contrasting stitching emphasise the individual character of the interior.
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Fine-grain Merino leather Opal White.

This hue inspired by elegant yachts communicates Mediterranean luxury.
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Fine-grain Merino leather Amaro Brown.

This colour provides an ideal counterpoint to the BMW Individual fine-wood trim Ash Grain White.
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Fine-grain Merino leather Nutmeg.

A premium look and feel, in a shade that is ahead of the spirit of time.
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Fine-grain Merino leather Cashmere.

This elegant, light hue underscores the spaciousness of the bright and wide interior.
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Finegrain Merino leather in Caramel.

Der exklusive Keder und Dachhimmel in Alcantara verleihen dem Interieur eine Anmutung von diskretem Luxus.
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You cannot read them, only intuit them – the stories told in the grain of a piece of wood. The size and sublime beauty of the tree from which it comes. Maybe this explains humanity’s age-old fascination with wood.
For its interior trims, BMW Individual does not only limit itself to the most sophisticated woods from all over the world, it has also perfected their processing. Uncompromising precision during the production process is paramount. It begins with cutting the selected pieces into the desired shapes. These become the actual interior trims, which, during countless process steps, are then sanded, varnished and polished, until their surface, grain structure and hues meet the stringent requirements of BMW Individual.
Alternatively, the Piano finish Black interior trim is available to provide discreet exclusivity with a high-gloss finish that is only rivalled by leading piano manufacturers. And the multitude of materials is rounded off by a range of sophisticated braided pattern leather interior trim.


Fine-wood trim Sen Light Brown.

A Japanese fine wood with an incomparably graphic grain. Its sheen is reinforced by the mother-of-pearl effect in the coloration.
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Piano finish Black .

Those familiar with the value of a grand piano will appreciate the exclusivity of the BMW Individual interior trim Piano finish Black.
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Fine-wood trim Ash Grain White.

When it comes to subtle beauty, no other interior trim has a grain to rival this one.
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Braided pattern leather in Black.

The pores in this deep-black veined veneer are intricately hand-filled in red, creating a vibrant and exciting contrast.
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BMW Individual offers additional exclusive equipment options that have all details covered to perfection – from head to toe, so to speak.

  • BMW Individual light alloy wheels

    With their distinctive looks, BMW Individual light alloy wheels set standards in exclusivity and aesthetic appeal, always perfectly matched to the design language of each model series. Their dimensions, too, represent the upper limit of the range.

  • BMW Individual leather steering wheel

    The BMW Individual leather steering wheel provides great grip and shows the level of detail that is customary for BMW Individual. Depending on the model, the wheel features a carefully crafted and precisely applied wood ring inlay which makes it even more distinctive. The BMW Individual insignia are also discreetly inlaid. All steering wheels have a common characteristic – the inimitable quality of the leather used by BMW Individual.

  • BMW Individual designation

    As symbols of your mindset, the illuminated entry sills with BMW Individual lettering welcome you at the start of every drive. Another designation, however, is reserved for the BMW 7 Series alone: the BMW Individual lettering on the rear trim strip represents an exclusive expression of your individuality.

  • BMW Individual coolbox

    The BMW Individual commitment? Perfection for all the senses. With its ability to keep a fine vintage at just the right temperature, the BMW Individual coolbox fits perfectly into this range.

  • Additional BMW Individual options

    To further increase exclusivity and add appeal to the interior, BMW Individual offers additional model-dependent equipment options. These include the BMW Individual headliner in Alcantara, whose silky-soft surface ensures a pleasantly open ambience. And the leather-covered instrument panel by BMW Individual adds a premium dimension as well as a presence which you can see and feel.