High Beam Assistant

High Beam Assistant

Switching between low beam and high beam can be done automatically in your BMW, thanks to the High Beam Assistant.
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Convenient, automatic switchover between high beam and low beam.
When activated, the high beam automatically turns on when it is dark and turns off automatically where the roads have been sufficiently lit.
The feature can be downloaded quick and easily via the ConnectedDrive Store.

The High Beam Assistant switches automatically between low beam and high beam depending on the lighting situation. The assistant also makes sure you do not dazzle oncoming drivers. Thanks to this system, you can leave your high beam on and fully concentrate on driving through the twilight and night.




With the High Beam Assistant,  a front facing camera integrated into your BMW's interior mirror detects the headlights of oncoming vehicles at a distance of up-to 700 metres and automatically switches to low beam. From a distance of up-to 400 metres the camera also detects if you approach a vehicle travelling in the same direction ahead of you and switches to low beam, making sure you do not dazzle other drivers. As soon as you are the only vehicle on the road, your high beams will automatically reactivate, allowing you to once again have the best possible visibility.

Installation is straight forward.  After purchasing the feature via the ConnectedDrive Store, simply download the Remote Software Upgrade to install the application in your vehicle. After a short activation period, your High Beam Assistant is ready to use. Once it has been enabled, you will find a detailed description of this feature in your vehicle’s integrated operating manual.

The features described here may not be fully supported in all markets.

May only be available with additional optional equipment. Availability of BMW ConnectedDrive Services are dependent on vehicle specification, optional equipment and production date. Please consult your local BMW Retailer for more information if required.




You will need the ConnectedDrive Store to install the High Beam Assistant. The availability of this feature depends on the hardware installed in the vehicle.

How to check whether the High Beam Assistant is available for your vehicle:

  • Method 1: Select "Check availability" at the top of this page and then enter your vehicle identification number (VIN). If this service is not available, you do not have the necessary hardware installed in your vehicle.

  • Method 2: Log in using your registered vehicle and browse to this service. You will then automatically see at the top of the page whether this service is available for your vehicle. If this service is not available, you do not have the necessary hardware installed in your vehicle.


Activation after purchase is quick and easy using over-the-air download:

1. Add High Beam Assistant to your shopping cart. Enter your payment details and confirm the purchase.

2. You will receive an email confirmation after we check your contract.

3. The digital service is then activated in your vehicle, or will be the next time you drive your BMW at the latest (some digital services also require manual activation in the vehicle). This process may take several minutes.

4. If the digital service has not been activated by the end of your drive, please do the following:

  • Your vehicle must be connected to the Internet for the digital services to be activated.*
  • If activation takes longer than 3 days*, please call BMW ConnectedDrive Customer Support.

*If your vehicle has the BMW ConnectedDrive Store, you can check the current online and activation status in your vehicle there.