Designed to perfectly complement your BMW, our range of technology Accessories and Services – from navigation to in-car connectivity – bring even more innovation to your driving experience. 

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Operated via the iDrive Controller and with maps shown on the existing high-resolution 6.5" car display, the retro-fittable BMW Integrated Navigation makes finding your destination simple and safe, but also is seamlessly integrated within your car. Information and instructions are announced via your BMW’s built-in speakers, and should you need them, Europe-wide updates are available that include the latest road layouts and motorway openings.


Integrated Navigation from €999.


Price includes fitting and VAT. Note that model exclusions apply, and that availability is dependent on equipment and your vehicle’s production date. Contact your BMW Centre for full details. 

Integrated Navigation

Make finding your way simple and safe.

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The BMW Head-up Screen displays important car and navigation information directly in your line of vision, so you can concentrate fully on the road ahead. Installed on the dashboard, the adjustable LED screen ensures key information is accessible and easy to read, at night or in direct sunlight. Navigation information can be displayed on the BMW Head-up Screen via the Garmin app, with a free navigation map update once per year.The screen's settings and the information displayed can be controlled using the BMW Head-Up Screen app, which is available for both Android and iOS smartphones. 


Head-Up Screen from €599


Price includes fitting and VAT. Note that model exclusions apply, and that availability is dependent on equipment and your vehicle’s production date. Contact your BMW Centre for full details.


Essential vehicle information, directly in the driver's eye line.

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Comprising a full HD camera with memory, the BMW Advanced Car Eye (Front) provides an independent record of what’s happening in front of your BMW. It’s ideal for recording critical situations while driving and for views when parking. For a more comprehensive view, BMW Advanced Car Eye (Front and Rear) adds a rear-facing camera.


Advanced Car Eye (Front) includes a front camera with GPS module and 32GB micro SD card with USB adapter. BMW Advanced Eye (Front and Rear) adds a further camera.


Advanced Car Eye Front from €399

Advanced Car Eye Front & Rear from €499

Advanced Car Eye

A digital record of the road ahead.

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Your navigation system is only as good as the mapping it depends on. Each year the road layouts in Europe change by as much as 15%: new residential and industrial areas are built, motorways get new exits and intersections, petrol stations, hotels and other points of interest come and go.


Consequently, smooth navigation and reaching your destination efficiently can only be guaranteed when the map material is up to date.  BMW Navigation map updates offer a one-time update, or a two-year update subscription that ensures you will always have access to the latest mapping.


Navigation Map Updates from €119


Trackstar deploys the latest GPS Stolen Vehicle Tracking technology to immediately locate and track your BMW, liaise with the police, and recover your vehicle in the shortest possible time. It has three levels of sophistication to provide complete peace of mind. Trackstar Cat 5 uses driver ID tags to trigger an alert if theft takes place using the car’s keys. Trackstar Cat 6 uses a secure GSM unit and a motion sensor to alert if unauthorised use takes place, while Trackstar Advance uses advanced driver identification methods to stop the vehicle being even started.


Trackstar Cat 6 from €699 including 1 year subscription fee.         


Certain features may incur additional costs. Countries covered: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and Ukraine. Prices include fitting and VAT and exclude subscription. Note that model exclusions may apply. Contact your BMW Centre for full details.


Teleservices enables connectivity between BMW and the car itself, allowing drivers to focus on the essentials. An instant connection with Roadside Assistance provides much needed assurance that help can soon be at hand if required. This intelligent technology also displays alerts when maintenance or service appointments are required, or if the battery requires charging. As a result, there are fewer things to think about, providing greater independence, convenience and peace of mind. For more information on each service available click below.


Teleservices is standard equipment on every BMW built from April 2014.

To view the full range of technology-based accessories from snap-in adaptors to bluetooth kits, visit your local BMW Retailer.

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Participating Retailers only. Prices include fitting and VAT. Model exclusions may apply.

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