BMW ConnectedDrive


So connected, you’re free.


What can your BMW do for you? Get you to your destination on time? Provide answers to all your questions? Or keep you entertained at all times? The Digital Services from BMW ConnectedDrive offer you a wide range of useful features. With intelligence and innovation they make your life easier and turn every journey into an experience.

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BMW CONNECTED DRIVE.So connected, you’re free.


Wherever you are, whatever you need: BMW ConnectedDrive's Digital Services give you the best possible support before and during every journey. Offering you a wide range of useful features that are split into relevant cateogries – My Assistant, My Journey, My Car and My Life –  they make your life easier and turn every journey into an experience.

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Couple using BMW ConnectedDrive Digital Services

Make journeys more personal.

Give your driving experience a more human touch thanks to My Assistant digital services.

Services include:
– Concierge Services
– Intelligent Personal Assistant
– Remote 3D View
– Remote Services

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Couple using BMW Favourite Locations

So every trip is unique.

Every journey is different - and yet you can always be confident that you will reach your destination comfortably and on time.

Services include: 
– Digital Charging Service
– Real Time Traffic Information
– Send to car
– Share live trip status
– Time to Leave Notification
– Your favourite locations

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Team using BMW WiFi Hotspots

Because your BMW is more than just a vehicle.

In your BMW, you can concentrate fully on your journey, because the rest is taken care of thanks to BMW ConnectedDrive.

Services include:
– Automate my habits
– BMW Teleservices
– Digital Key
– Remote Software Upgrade
– Wi-Fi Hotspot

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Dad driving kids in BMW

Expect more from your journeys.

Why compromise when traveling? Enjoy everything you normally enjoy in life while in your BMW, and all thanks to BMW ConnectedDrive.

Services include:
– Apple CarPlay® Preparation
– Online Entertainment

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You can rely on the Driver Assistance systems with each and every journey. They make your BMW even smarter and you'll enjoy enhanced safety, the best visibility by day or night, and even the experience of parking. With BMW ConnectedDrive at your side, you're in the safest possible hands.

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Man driving BMW with Intelligent Driving.

Support when you need it.

Intelligent Driving systems from BMW ConnectedDrive manoeuvre your BMW through traffic jams, keeping at a safe distance when necessary, and react with lightning speed in hazardous situations.

Systems include: 
- Active Cruise Control with Stop&Go
- Steering and Lane Control Assistant
- Traffic Jam Assist
- Lane Keeping Assistant
- Lane Departure Warning
- Lane Change Warning
- Drive Assist / Drive Assist Plus
- Active Protection

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Friends in car using BMW ConnectedDrive Driver Assistance

See more with a BMW.

Keep everything in view, wherever the journey goes. Innovative Intelligent Vision technologies help in unclear situations and guarantee the best possible visibility at night. 

Systems include:
- BMW Head-up Display
- Side View
- Speed Limit Info including no-overtaking indicator
- BMW Night Vision
- High-Beam Assistant
- BMW Selective Beam

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Woman using BMW ConnectedDrive Driver Assistance

Effortless manoeuvres.

Intelligent Parking assistance systems ensure that every journey in a BMW is enjoyable, including parking. They can help make manoeuvring easier, safer and effortless in every parking situation.

Systems include:
- Park Assist
- Remote Control Parking
- Rear View Camera
- Surround View
- Park Distance Control

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The BMW Connected app is your digital mobility assistant, taking care of your needs before and during each journey. Access your car using your smartphone, smartwatch or Amazon Echo, send destinations to the navigation system or receive reminders for meetings to make sure you arrive there on time.

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Man using BMW Connected App

Take control of your day.

Whether organising your diary, visiting an unfamiliar city or preparing your next trip – here you will find out how BMW Connected will simplify your everyday life. Available on both iOS and Android operating system, this app is ready to seamlessly integrate your digital life into your driving experience. Find out more about the latest BMW Connected digital services now available.

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Man using BMW Connected App

Always one step ahead.

Bring your automtotive life into the digital age with BMW Connected. Highlights include the BMW Digital Key, recommended departure times via iPhone or Apple Watch, Remote 3D View, Remote Services, and the 'Manage your favourite locations' functionality.

For even more cool fetures, there is there BMW Connected+ app upgrade, which has 'Share Live Trip Status' functionality and much more.

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