From electric powertrains to cutting-edge, low-emission, low-carbon diesel solutions that meet EU6 standards, the BMW Group has long set the technological benchmark with a view to sustainable mobility and lessening the impact of car use on the environment.


Now BMW Group Ireland is launching a Lower Emissions Allowance scheme by that offers €2,000 off all BMW vehicles with emissions of 130g/km or less. The incentive is open to owners of diesel Euro 4 (EU4) emission standard vehicles or below can trade-in their vehicle for a new BMW i, BMW iPerformance model or low-CO2 emission models. This scheme includes progressive vehicles in the range such as the BMW i3, i8 and will start with immediate effect. Initially running until 31 December, 2017.


The allowance offered will be in addition to any other government or retailer incentives that are currently in place.


If you would like to check your vehicle’s Emission Standard please click below.

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  • Offer Terms

    To ensure fairness for those customers wishing to upgrade to a cleaner, more modern vehicle they will be given a suitable average price for their existing car. This is provided they have owned it for at least 12 months and the new lower emissions vehicle is purchased in the same name and address as the older car they are replacing.


    This scheme is part of our long-standing commitment to sustainable mobility, evident from our continued commitment to BMW EfficientDynamics innovations and industry-leading BMW i and iPerformance electric and hybrid vehicles.


    To find out more about how you could benefit from the scheme, speak to your local BMW Centre.


  • The Euro 6 (EU6) efficiency rating – what does it mean?

    EU6 is a piece of European Legislation aimed at reducing exhaust pollutants that have an impact on air quality, to make cars more environmentally friendly. The legislation sets restrictions on how much nitrogen oxide (NOx) and hydrocarbon gases may be emitted by a road vehicle.


    All new BMW and MINI vehicles sold today are EU6 compliant and we are proud to use some of today's cleanest and most efficient engine technology across our entire model range. Learn more about BMW Engine Technology here.


    The BMW Lower Emissions Allowance can be used towards a purchase of any of the below vehicles**:


    • BMW 1 Series (118i, 116d, 118d, 120d, 125d)
    • BMW 2 Series Coupé (218i, 218d, 220d, 225d)
    • BMW 2 Series Convertible (218d, 220d, 225d)
    • BMW 2 Series Active Tourer (218i, 220i, 225xe, 216d, 218d, 220d)
    • BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer (218i, 216d, 218d, 220d)
    • BMW 3 Series Saloon (318i, 320i, 330e, 316d, 318d, 320d)
    • BMW 3 Series Touring (318i, 316d, 318d, 320d)
    • BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo (318d, 320d)
    • BMW 4 Series Coupé (420d)
    • BMW 4 Series Convertible (420d)
    • BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé (420d)
    • BMW 5 Series Saloon (520i, 530e, 520d, 525d, 530d)
    • BMW 5 Series Touring (520d, 525d)
    • BMW 7 Series (740e, 725d, 730d, 740Le, 725Ld, 730Ld)
    • BMW X1 (sDrive18i, sDrive18d, xDrive18d, xDrive20d)
    • BMW X5 (xDrive40e)
    • BMW i (i3, i3 with Range Extender, i8)



    * Trade-in model eligibility rules and other Terms and Conditions apply. Please speak to your local BMW Centre for more information.


    ** A small number of models shown are only applicable for the allowance with certain trim level and/or transmission configurations. Please speak to your local BMW Centre for more information.