BMW Routine Maintenance Check

For peace of mind between services.

Your BMW is designed to only need a minimum amount of maintenance. In fact, thanks to BMW's world leading servicing technology, it is equipped with the intelligence to monitor its own condition and pre-warn you when a service is due.

But what about those things you're supposed to check between services that are vital to safety and reliability as you drive, such as fluid levels, lights, brakes and clutch hydraulics?

Whether you're planning a continental holiday in the heat of summer or preparing for freezing winter conditions, it's reassuring to know that your BMW is in peak condition, from tyres to coolant levels.

Our BMW Approved Technicians can take care of it quickly and efficiently with a thorough 15-point Routine Maintenance Check. It usually only takes around half an hour, and can be performed while you wait.

We'll check:

Warning lights
Wiper blades
Screen wash reservoir
Coolant level
Engine oil levels
Clutch hydraulics
Tyre wear and pressure
Brake pads and disks
Steering oil reservoir

For more information or to book a Routine Maintenance Check please contact your local BMW Service Authorised Workshop or use the service request link above, and drive away with total peace of mind.